Thursday, April 23, 2015

#52tries | Week 16 = Easter + Food Revolution Day Meal Planning

It's week 16 for me over at! Click here to read my diary entry and below are the delicious recipe links!

Easter love:
Fashionable Baked Cauliflower -
Epic Chocolate Beetroot Cake  - 
Raspberry marscapone -

Diced fruit + coconut cream - find my recipe here

Jools' sweet pea and prawn pasta -

Hit and Run tray baked chicken -


Thursday, April 16, 2015

#52tries | Week 15 = Soup + Sandwich + Muffins + Gumption

Above are the corresponding pictures (Big beautiful photo hollahs to Megan Guerrero of Memories by Megan) for this week's "try" at creating a healthy and happy family table + meal planning. You can read my 52tries diary entry here and watch the crazy fun #howdoYOUsmashit video again here.

Week 15 mealplan + Cookbook/website recipe links:

Veggie meatballs - Pollan Family Table (Forgot to take a picture of this!)

Simple Tomato Soup -

Squash it Sandwich -

Zucchini muffins - 52 New Foods Cookbook

Turbot fish + scallops + "Squash it Sandwich" veggie leftovers + anchovies + capers
(cooking gumption inspired by Halibut Puttanesca en Papillote - Pollan Family table)

Begin again!